10 Profitable and Creative Small Business Ideas You Can Start Now with Low Investment

Successful Business Ideas

Do you consider yourself as a creative person? Here are 10 profitable and creative small business ideas you can start right now with low investment!


Are you looking for low-cost creative small business ideas? Do you consider yourself as an organized, hard-working, and creative person? Well, look no further as you have come to the right place.

Creativity is a thing that every type of business requires. Without creativity, you can’t expect to run a successful business, at least not for a few years, as you will easily get bored, you will have no motivation to make changes in your business, and your customers will lose interest in your business. So, you better consider yourself as a creative person, as you will be surprised what you can do with such creativity, especially when it comes to running your own business.

Creative thinking contains brainstorming and imagining familiar things and items in a new form, in a new light, digging and looking below the surface to find previously unseen patterns and finding connections among unrelated wonders. This is what Roger von Oech used to say – always expect the unexpected.

Creative individuals may showcase a great deal of curiosity about different things, they are constantly asking different questions about absolutely anything and everything and they usually have a broad interest in many areas that aren’t related. Very often, these people are collective, intelligent, and willing to take the authority of success and failure. What we are trying to say is that entrepreneurship is really an instinct for these people and if you consider yourself as one, you should definitely take a look at these 10 profitable and creative small business ideas. The great thing about these business ideas is that you can start them with a low investment.

Let’s’ start:

  1. Bridal store focused on wedding clothing and accessories
  2. Costume jewelry or fashion jewelry (earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets)
  3. Customized mobile cover printing (you need a sublimation printing facility and you can work from the comfort of your own home)
  4. Decorative candle making (decorative candles are considered as luxury gifts)
  5. Designer jute bag making (Jute is an environmentally friendly product and you can make a wide range of jute bags with a jute fabric)
  6. Greetings card making as the popularity of greeting cards is not going anywhere
  7. Logo designing (you need basic experience and knowledge for designing business logos)
  8. Online t-shirt business (start this business from home with a small investment)
  9. Wedding gift packing (you can pack different gits on the trays and then wrapt the trays with special or transparent salophen papers)
  10. Woodworking (wooden furniture and all kinds of wooden handicraft).

If you are a creative person, all of these business ideas are perfect for you!